Dermalogica Brand Protection

Dear Dermalogica Tribe:

The issue of protecting the Dermalogica brand is our paramount priority. Diversion of Dermalogica product in any way to unauthorized locations represents a cancer on our global brand, and one that we have, and will continue to fight forcefully to end. It is a responsibility of all of us to attack, not only Dermalogica "corporate", but every one of our accounts and distributors has a pivotal role. I wanted to provide you with an update on some of actions that we have been conducting at Dermalogica, and some new actions that we have underway.

1. Closing Accounts. If Dermalogica determines that an account had product that was found to be in unauthorized locations, Dermalogica immediately terminates the account. To date in 2008, Dermalogica has closed accounts in the U.S. that have purchased more than $1 million in total purchases, after finding that the account was supporting diversion activities, defined as simply having one of their products be traced back to their account.

2. Increasing Tracking Capabilities. Although Dermalogica has had a program in place to scan certain items to determine product flow, we have now immediately increased the number and total volume of products being scanned significantly. In addition, Dermalogica is making significant capital investments to have every product that leaves our warehouse and shipped out to be scanned by July 1. By increasing tracking capabilities, it serves to help us tighten the net to determine the sources of illicit product flow. With greater information on product flow as a result of increased scanning capabilities, Dermalogica expects to be able to take actions to "strangle" the product flow to such players. The increased tracking capabilities will help us determine where product flows, but we know that the individuals engaged in such diversion activities are sophisticated, and will control to work to confound our tracking capabilities.

3. Establishment of New Hologram/Tracking Stickers. It has become evident that those individuals engaged in diversion were damaging or removing the tracking sticker easily. Dermalogica has purchased and will be affixing a new hologram/tracking sticker that is more difficult to remove than the current label, and results in evidence of tampering or damage if removed.

4. Invoice Screening and Algorithms. To establish additional control, effective immediately every invoice above a determined dollar amount will be reviewed prior to release in Los Angeles to determine if it is legitimate. Dermalogica will be examining not only the dollar amount, but also the number of purchases for one item. In 2009, the individual analysis will be supplemented by the use of information technology sales logic to capture such patterns.

Dermalogica has other additional initiatives underway to attack diversion even more aggressively, and which will be launched in 2009. Although these actions will serve to constrain the availability of product to accounts destroying our global brand, we recognize that we will have to be relentlessly vigilant to combat the actions of such diverters. Accordingly, Dermalogica is researching other options to enable us to make the path of diversion far more difficult, including costing of radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) on our packaging; legal pathways such as establishment and enforcement of minimum advertised pricing; alternative packaging; and, other options. It will be a never-ending project, but one we know that we have to undertake in this battle to protect our brand. The analogy that we have used is that Dermalogica has a picket fence, and we have and will be engaged in activities to make the pickets as close to each other as possible, and much more difficult for passage. All of us are in this battle together. Attacking this assault represents the highest priority for Dermalogica, and we may never completely end such actions, but we will fight in every way, and we will win and protect our brand and our business. We understand the high and fundamental stakes that are involved for our long-term futures and goals, and we are relentless in addressing.

I look forward to sharing with you reports on our actions in this matter, and the Dermalogica site on the International Download tab has current information and reports that can be monitored. I also look forward to hearing from you as well and hope that you feel free to contact me directly, as well as Ivor and Robert with particular questions and comments. We are all aligned on the necessity of winning this battle.

Jerry Wenker, President and C.O.O of Dermalogica (U.S.A)



首先,非常感謝您選擇全球第一的專業級護膚保養品牌 – 德卡為您長期的合作夥伴,並感謝您一直以來對我們的支持與愛護。隨著電子網路的興起,水貨問題不斷的影響各大品牌在市場上的價格、品質與形象。
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維護品牌一直是德卡最重視的事情而水貨問題對我們來說就像是癌細胞一樣,因此身為全球性品牌的代表,我們會持續跟水貨商奮戰到底。捍衛品牌是大家的責任,不只是Dermalogica 「公司」的責任,每一個與我們合作的經銷商都扮演著舉足輕重的角色。在此告知大家我們目前已經在進行的動作及Dermalogica在未來針對水貨問題將會執行的計畫。









Jerry Wenker, President and C.O.O of Dermalogica (U.S.A)Jerry Wenker
德卡董事長暨營運長 (美國總部)